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Meyah Scott heads for Vinces, Ecuador

Meyah Scott will be serving on a short-term missions trip through E3 Missions as a nurse, September 1-8. In this trip, we will travel to multiple small cities and share the gospel while we conduct a clinic in each of these locations, and we will attempt to plant churches. E3 teams up with local pastors who are the ones who will stay at the churches and stay with churches that thrive.  Meyah has done one of these trips previously last year through Cypress Church in...
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Summer Scripture Memorization

Summer 2017 Scripture Memorization

Summer is here… and with it a chance to read a good book, visit the beach, take a vacation, or just relax outside on a warm summer evening. But what about making this a summer to commit to sharing the gospel with friends and neighbors? One of the best ways to equip yourself to share is to memorize a few verses that clearly and succinctly present the saving message of the gospel. What is the Romans Road? It is a method of explaining God’s plan of salvation through a...
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Baptism Service July 16

Baptism is the immersion of a believer in water in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit as a public profession of faith and identification with Christ. It is a visual depiction of the immersion in Christ which took place at the moment of the believer’s salvation. It is one of the two ordinances (baptism and the Lord’s Supper) that are symbols that represent and picture the benefits and blessings of the New Covenant. The Lord Jesus Christ...
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Christina Garibay in Quito, Ecuador, May 2017

Missions Support Upate – Christina Garibay | Quito, Ecuador

Things are going great so far! Comes our first report from Christina Garibay, who left for the mission field of Quito, Ecuado in late May. It’s exciting to hear her enthusiasm surrounding all the activity, training, and reception of the first students she will be serving this summer. Christina plans to eventually have a Blog available with regular updates on the work in Quito. Christina has been fully funded for the summer portion of her stay in Ecuador, but the...
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