Grace Bible Church of Hollister

April 15 Mid-Week Update

Hello GBC Family,

In Monday’s update I mentioned that I would be making a request during the midweek update that was exciting for me.

Well, here it is. When I was at the shepherd’s conference in March, I had the privilege of hearing a message by Dr. MacArthur that I felt was powerful, helpful and convicting. I immediately started evaluating a good time or way in which to share this message with the GBC family. Well, there is no better time than now, with us all locked down for a few weeks. So, below is a link to a sermon from Dr. MacArthur. I pray this message will challenge and encourage you and lead to closer fellowship with the Lord and others.

My prayer and hope is that we will be able to congregate together again soon. As of now, the date established for our return to somewhat normalcy is May 3rd. Please pray that this happens and that God’s people can return to proper fellowship.

Please let us know if you have any needs – spiritual, financial, emotional or physical. We are willing and ready to help.

Have a Blessed Week,

Pastor John