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Missions Month – 2015

Declaring His Glory Among the Nations Sermon Series Videos

Missions Month 2015 included special guest speakers Tan Molina from Leon, Spain, Mark Christopher from South Africa, and Paul Anthes from Compassion 4 Congo.  A full schedule for our series “Declaring His Glory Among the Nations” and links to individual sermons can be found below.

Below are additional links for further reading on world missions and encouragement for every believer through their support or direct action to “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations”.

The Greatest Challenge in the World

by John Piper

Never, never, never forget that Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all the peoples on this planet — the whole planet (Matthew 28:19–20). This is the greatest challenge in the world.

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Delighting in Christ – The Heart of Missions

Adrian Donato, Academic Dean of The Cornerstone Seminary

Delighting in Christ is the heart of missions.  Christians do not need better packaged evangelism programs, more “missional” methods of identifying with the culture, or a better apologetic methodology.  Though knowing how to clearly articulate the good news about Christ to people in an understandable and meaningful way is important in the evangelistic efforts of the believer, they are all for naught if the Christian is not delighting in Christ, for it is a delight in Christ that genuinely motivates one to want to talk about Christ!

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A Lingering Obligation

by Tom Ascol

In 1792 a little-known shoe cobbler published a book in which he argued that the Great Commission remains a duty for every generation of Christians. Within two years the author, William Carey, left his native England and became a missionary to India. Today he is widely regarded as the father of modern missions.

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Our Obligation to the Unreached

by David Platt

Well over one hundred years ago, a single missionary named Lottie Moon, serving in China, began writing letters challenging the church back here to send and support more workers to go there. After her death on the field, her challenge was heeded in the formalization of an offering in her name. Even if you’re not a Southern Baptist who has given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, her life is a reminder of why we must give to send and support missionaries serving among unreached peoples in unreached places.

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May Jesus’s Name Be Known Through Me

by Marshall Segal

Jesus came on mission, lived on mission, died on mission, and left his disciples — including all of us who follow him today — on mission. Conversion is about commission, not just salvation, because we’re not saved to be saved, but saved to be sent. Redemption is a life-saving rescue, but it also involves a profound rewiring and repurposing. We are saved to go out into the world for the glory of our Jesus — to make him known as our Lord, Savior, and greatest Treasure.

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